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Mexico 100 Pesos 1977 to 1979

 Date: 1978 
 Mint mark: 0 over M 
 Size: large 
 Description from requester: Side 1: Full face of a man and bust with large collared jacket. Inscription: Cien Pesos, 1978, Tiny 0 over M mint mark,Plata Pura 20 Gr. Ley .720 Side 2: Stylized picture (lots of loops and lines) of a bird on a cactus with a snake in 1 claw and beak. Leaves and small cactus plants make a half wreath around bottom edge. Inscription: Estados Unidos Mexicanos 
 [Request 9724 received from Noelle, Sunday, 04-Dec-2011, answered by Paul] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest -- Appraisal ok., Friday, 06-Dec-2013] 

Mexico 100 Pesos 1977 to 1979 | mexico 100 man collar hawk falcon snake eagle king wreath ley 20 over gr cactus cien 2 claw plata full This coin is made of silver and most or all our its value comes from precious metal content. Only if the coin is in superb shape will collectors pay a few dollars over silver price. Each coin contains 0.643 troy ounces of silver, so multiply the current silver price by 0.643 and that will be the value of the coin. Find the current price of silver at

For a more complete discussion of modern coins from Mexico, see this CoinQuest link.

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