Great Britain Half Crown  1893 to 1901
Great Britain Half Crown 1893 to 1901

With 0.42 troy ounces of silver in these old crowns, and with the world economy struggling and pushing the price of silver upward, these coins carry a decent amount of value from silver content alone.

To find the silver value, use a web site like to find the current value of silver per troy ounce, then multipy by 0.42.

The coin in our picture is attractive, which works in its favor, but it is also fairly worn and has some detracting marks on the reverse. All in all, collectors will probably look at other specimens before buying this one. The price they will pay above basic silver value is called collector premium, and here are some approximate values:

worn: add $1 US dollar to basic silver value
average circulated: add $50
well preserved: $125
fully uncirculated: $200
half crowns dated 1894 are less common and catalog at $75 average circulated, $500 fully uncirculated

Apply the concepts shown on our Important Terminology page to adjust the value you get when you add collector premium to basic silver value.

Coin: 9620 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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