Austria Maria Theresa Token  1760
Austria Maria Theresa Token 1760

Maria Theresia was born in on May 13, 1717, as daughter of Emperor Charles IV and His wife, Elisabeth von Braunschweig-Wolfenbuettel. She succeeded Her father in 1740 at the age of 23. She Was Queen of Hungary and Bohemia and Archduchess of Austria. There are hundreds of coins, medals, and token minted in her honor and, even to this day, Austria produces large coins with her likeness. They are called Maria Theresa Thalers and are described on this CoinQuest page.

There is an excellent web site dedicated to the coins of Maria Theresa. The site describes the history of these coins and their many variations. Check it out at this link.

As for Koi's piece, it is not a coin, but a token made to look like a valuable coin. I am not sure about the composition, but it is not gold (probably aluminum bronze). The double-headed imperial eagle and the inscriptions all point to Maria Theresa, but the piece itself is not valuable. A collector of such tokens might pay $10 to $20 US dollars for a nice example. Koi's piece has a hole, which makes it worth zero. Sorry, Koi. Wish I had better news!

Coin: 9602 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1760 MARIA.THERESIA.D:G:REG:HUNG:BCH: with a lady at the front ARCHIDVX AVSTRIAE.DVX.BVR:COM.TYRO:1760. with a crown on top and two dragon heads incircled and two hands holding a spear and i'm not sure with the body and wings at the back of the coin
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