Great Britain Shilling with Scottish Reverse  1937 to 1951
Great Britain Shilling with Scottish Reverse 1937 to 1951

Like all the coins in this series, madscotsmen's coin catalogs for less than $1 US dollar unless it is completely uncirculated, like the coin in the picture. A collector might pay $5 to $10 for an uncirculated specimen.

The coin in the picture has a Scottish reverse. There is a similar family of coins with the same years and approximately the same numismatic values with English reverses.

Coins before 1947 contain 0.091 troy ounces of silver and therefore command a premium over coins after 1946 which are made of copper-nickel.

Review coins with the English reverse at this CoinQuest link. Values are the same.

Coin: 952 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1940 georgivs v1 d:g:br:omn:rex thats on the side with head of george the sixth, fid:def:ind:imp. one shilling written on the bottom with a lion sitting on a crown holding a sword in 1 hand and another similar in the other hand with 2 small crests at either side of the lion 1 with a thistle in it and other with a cross
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