US Off-Center (Offset) Error (Minting error)
US Off-Center (Offset) Error (Minting error)

The place to go to see spectacular minting errors like yours in Your off center Lincoln cent sounds to be about 20 percent offset, so it would probably draw bids of $5 to $10 US dollars on eBay. The value of off-center strikes depends on the amount off-center and the amount of wear. The coin in the picture is about 30 percent off-center.

Lincoln cents, of course, are very common in the US and errors are not worth too much. If the error coin is an exotic one, the value goes up due to rarity and the value goes up further due to error.

For modern (post 1948) US coins, the table below shows some approximate catalog values for off-center strikes. To qualify for these values as 'uncirculated,' the coin must be in a numismatic slab from PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS.

10% off-center50% off-center90% off-center

Error collecting is a specialized area of numismatics (coin collecting) and assigning probable values is difficult. A good place to get a handle on value is to go the eBay category for minting errors, found at this link. Here you can see pictures of the various types of error coins, and get a good idea of retail value.

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Requester description: 1970 Liberty Penny. The coin was minted unevenly. The bottom 1/8 to 1/4 inch of coin is blank. The imprint starts above the blank area and cannot be completely seem.
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