Singapore 20 Cents  1985 to 1993
Singapore 20 Cents 1985 to 1993

Your coin is worth face value, Barbara. A collector might pay a couple US dollars to add a fully uncirculated example to his or her collection. The picture shows a proof coin from Singapore. These are minted especially for collectors and never see regular circulation. It turns out the proof Singapore 20 cents is made of 92.5% pure silver (sterling silver) and therefore gets value from its bullion content, about $3.60 for silver at around $23 per troy ounce. Use a website like to find the current price of silver - it changes every day.

Coin: 885 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: 1988 shield, lions
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I have a 1986, 20 cents from Singapore. Vending machine gave it to me instead of a 25. Anyone interested on buying/having it? - Janet
To sell coins, Janet, go to our 'Buy and Sell' page. We do not support sales from the comments. - CoinQuest (Paul)

i have singapore 50 cents. 1988 how much it worth? - ana
Hi Ana, if you don't see your coin in our database please CLICK HERE to request an appraisal and we will create a new page for your coin. Thanks! - CoinQuest (Todd)




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