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Spain 1 Peseta 1946 to 1975

 Date: 1963 
 Mint mark: not apparent 
 Size: small 
 Description from requester: Francisco Franco Caudillo De EspaƱa Por La G. De Dios written in the obverse side with a head in the middle, one peseta written on the back with a certain symbol 
 [Request 8801 received from silverspoon, Thursday, 22-Sep-2011, answered by Paul] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest -- Appraisal ok., Tuesday, 03-Dec-2013] 

Spain 1 Peseta 1946 to 1975 | spain 1 peseta shield coat man aluminum king symbol la por head francisco caudillo obverse dios de franco espana hispana These are neat collectible coins, SilverSpoon. They are made from aluminum bronze, so when they are uncirculated, or nearly so, they have a sporty gold-colored look. The artwork is nice, and they are basically modern coins, so they are not difficult to find. The mintage is fairly small, which means collector value starts to kick in early. Compare these two mintage figures:

- Spain 1 peseta, 1967: coins minted: 11,300,000
- US 1 cent, 1967: coins minted: 3,048,667,100

Another factor which make these interesting for collectors is that each coin has two dates. The date of government authorization appears on the front, under the portrait. The date of issue appears on the back, in two small stars. This is the kind of thing that gets coin collector juices flowing!

Why not start your own collection of this series today? If you assemble a collection of each date in uncirculated condition, it will be a very valuable set by the time the grandchildren roll around!

Our listing, as usual, shows approximate catalog values for these coins. Use our Imortant Terminology page to convert these catalog values to actual buy and sell values. SilverSpoon, your coin has scratches, stains, and spots. This damage will render your coin to essentially zero value. For undamaged coins, here are the stats for most dates:

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: also less than $1
well preserved: $1 for dates before 1965, less than $1 after
fully uncirculated: $7 before 1965, $1 after

What makes this series so interesting is that there are a number of rare dates that carry values well above these common values. In the list below, the catalog values are for fully uncirculated coins, like our picture. Coins with slight wear, a little below uncirculated, will be worth about one-quarter of these values (divide these values by four).

*Better date coins*

1946 issued in 1946: $5000 catalog value uncirculated
1947 issued in '48 or '49: $150
1947 issued in '50: $500
1947 issued in '51: $300 (see below)
1947 issued in '52, '53, or '54: $80
1947 issued in '56: $600
1953 issued in '54: $250
1953 issued in '60 or '61: $85
1963 issued in '67: $60

The last twist with these coins is the 1947 with an issue date of 1951. Some of these coins have E51 instead of 1951 in the two stars. A 1947 E51 catalogs for $600 in fully uncirculated condition.

Tags: spain 1 peseta shield coat man aluminum king symbol la por head francisco caudillo obverse dios de franco espana hispana pesata espa espanola hispan spainish spanish espanas spanich hispanirvm hisp shiled shileld shied chevrons sheild wave shields shelid ashield escucheon shild mans aluminium male crests arms crest insignia creast boy kings coats alum symobols headed heads oneheaded symbal symbles symbels anverse simble simbol symbols waves wavy wavey waving


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