US Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel  1913 to 1938
US Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel 1913 to 1938

Worn Buffalo nickels catalog for about $1 US dollar or so, rising to $3 to $5 in average circulated condition and $10 to $20 for well preserved coins. Remember these are catalog values, and actual values will be less (see our Important Terminology page, link at upper left, for an explanation). Coins with dates that have been worn away are basically worthless to collectors.

If you have dates and mint marks 1931S, 1926S, 1924S, 1921S, 1919D, as well as any date with a D or S mint mark before 1919, you have a *better date* coin. These dates and mint marks are worth several 10s of dollar in worn condition and rise to several 100s of dollars in fully uncirculated condition. The coin in our picture is in average circulated condition. The list below gives approximate catalog values for some better date Buffs in average circulated condition:

1913D type 2*: $120 US dollars approximate catalog value
1913S type 2*: $350
1914D: $140
1915S: $120
1917D: $60
1917S: $90
1918D: $95
1918S: $75
1919D: $100
1919S: $80
1920D: $90
1920S: $75
1921S: $275
1923S: $80
1924S: $275
1926D: $75
1926S: $270

Be sure your coin is not too worn. Only average circulated coins achieve the values above. Use our Important Terminology page to properly interpret these values.


If your coin does not appear in the list, then it is a *common date* buffalo nickel and the value is described in the first paragraph above.

*1913 dated coins must have a type 2 reverse to be really valuable, as shown in this figure.

Collectors seek uncirculated buffs with a vengence. Uncirculated coins with mint marks are worth more than coins without mint marks. Figure about $100 catalog value for an unc coin with mint mark, and half of that for an unc coin without a mint mark. The later date coins, those after 1934, are quite common even in uncirculated condition, and their value drops toward $25.

There are a few *dazzlers* in the series, worth 1000s of dollars. These are all mint error coins, such as the 1916 doubled die and the 1918 over 1917 mal-printed date. Most people have heard of the famed Three Legged buffalo nickel, which you can see at this CoinQuest link.

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