Germany 1 Mark  1873 to 1915
Germany 1 Mark 1873 to 1915

Dear karbonbased, Your 1901 German mark catalogs for $20 US dollars in almost uncirculated condition, but the fact that your coin has scratches lowers that value substantially, probably to $5 or so. The coin in the picture is a little dirty, but dirt and wear are different than scratches and gouges. Coin collectors figure that dirt and wear cannot be avoided, but scratches and gouges are damage.


These old marks from the German Empire are only worth a few dollars in worn condition, but they get more valuable with less wear, especially for older dates. They are made of 0.161 troy ounces of silver, so they can never be worth less than their silver value.

worn: $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $10
well preserved: $30
fully uncirculated: $80

worn: $4 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $9
well preserved: $25
fully uncirculated: $60

worn: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $8
well preserved: $20
fully uncirculated: $40

In addition to these general rules, here are some better dates and mint marks. The approximate catalog values provided below, after the date and mint mark, are for coins in average circulated condition. Mint marks appear in duplicate under the eagle.

1873B: $20
1873C: $125
1873F: $20
1874B, C: $15
1874E: $20
1874H: $15
1877A: $20
1877B: $250
1878B: $20
1878C, E: $30
1878G, J: $20
1879A: $90
1880D: $20
1880E, F: $30
1880G, H: $70
1880J: $20
1881G, H, 1882G: $25
1882H: $100
1882J: $30
1883D: $50
1883E: $100
1883F: $75
1883G: $150
1883J: $75
1885G, J, 1886E: $18
1886G: $45
1886J: $15
1891D: $1100
1892G: $85
1894G: $70
1896G: $30
1898A: $40
1902G: $32
1906J: $25
1909E: $190
1909J: $280
1911D: $48
1912J: $40
1913F: $30
1913G: $65
1913J: $32
1916F: $48

The best coin in the bunch is an 1905F which catalogs for $1000s of US dollars.

The dollar figures above are catalog values. See our Terminology page for a detailed description of what 'catalog' means.

Coin: 841 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1901 Device on one side is a wild eagle with what looks like a crown floating above its head on one side with no writing on that side. The inscriptions on the back read DEUTSCHES REICH across the top, 1 MARK in the middle surrounded by reeds and 1901 at the bottom. Also there is only one or two minor nick along the rim and scratches are barely noticeable.
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Hello, I know very little about coins, but my grandparents left me their collection and I'm looking through it to see if I have anything of value. Could someone please tell me what the letter after the year means when it comes to the German 1 Mark coins? Thank you. - Alan
Hey Alan, the letters are the 'mint marks,' added to denote the mint location that a particular coin was minted at. For example, if you have an 1877A 1 Mark, your coin was minted in Berlin - the 'A' mintmark was used for the Berlin mint - and you will find the letter A on your coin. - CoinQuest (Todd)





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