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Mexico 50 Pesos 1921 to 1947

 Date: 1947 
 Mint mark: not apparent 
 Size: large 
 Description from requester: 37.5 Gr ORO PURO 1821 - 1947 INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD 
 [Request 835 received from RAJ, Wednesday, 29-Jul-2009, answered by Chris] 
 [Appraisal reviewed by Chris, appraisal OK. Gold prices updated., Sunday, 21-Apr-2013] 

Mexico 50 Pesos 1921 to 1947 | mexico 50 cactus bird snake eagle angel wreath hawk falcon volcano mountain y gr oro 5 puro libertad estados unidos Wow, what a beautiful coin. Your coin contains (no surprise) 37.5 grams of pure gold (oro puro), and this is where it gets its value. To figure out this value, first convert grams to Troy ounces:

37.5 grams / 31.1 grams per Troy ounce = 1.205 Troy ounces

Now look up the value of pure gold on a web site like

gold 'spot' value today = $1407 US dollars per Troy ounce

then multiply

1.205 Troy ounces x $1400 $ per Troy ounce = about $1700

Kitco reports the 'spot' value of gold, which is pure bullion value. If your coin is in excellent condition, you can add a small amount, say $20, to the value to account for the fact that the gold has been minted into a nice looking coin.

The catalogs report absolutely, fully uncirculated coins as having a premium above the gold value of about $500. Coins dated 1947 are more common in high grades and do not have this added premium. A dealer would pay you the gold spot price plus perhaps half of the premium to buy the coin from you.

The spot value of gold changes every minute. Look up the price right now! If you are buying or selling from a gold dealer, he or she will invoke a commission to handle the transaction.

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