Great Britain Crown Winston Churchill  1965
Great Britain Crown Winston Churchill 1965

These large crowns are made of copper-nickel and do not carry much value. In fully uncirculated condition they may retail for $5 US dollars or so. Nice coin, nevertheless.

An interested reader named Tim submits this for your consideration:

The 1965 Churchill coin came in 2 versions like the Charles and Diana coin. There were 9 million of the normal coin struck and they are pretty worthless. However, the VIP version has a rainbow type shine in the metal compared to the dull normal coin. There were only 1000 VIP coins struck, and the last time I heard they were said to be worth £1000 each.

Ever since 1951, British crowns have been made of copper nickel. None of these coins are valuable, even going back to 1937 when a silver crown was produced with low value. Now, if your crown is dated before 1937, that's another story!

View a 1951 crown with the Saint George Dragonslayer reverse at this link.

Coin: 810 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: DEVICES: the front is a young right-faced Elizabeth II. the back has an older right-faced picture of Winston Churchill. INSCRIPTIONS: the front reads 'Elizabeth II dei gratia regina f.d.
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