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Great Britain Pound 1983 to Date

 Date: 1985 
 Mint mark: D G. REG 
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: On one side it has the face of Queen Elizabeth te second with the inscriptions written around it as following: Elizabeth II D.G Reg F.D.1985 On the other side is a crown around it and one pound written below. It is a thick coin and on the surrounding, not the faces this is written: Pleidiol Wyf I'm Gwlad with a cross after that 
 [Request 785 received from Mimi, Friday, 24-Jul-2009, answered by Chris] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Thursday, 30-Jan-2014] 

Great Britain Pound 1983 to Date | pound britain great unicorn lion queen coat woman nickel crown shield ribbon gwlad wyf ii i second reg cross pleidiol Starting in 1983 the UK standardized the 1 pound coin as shown in our pictures. The bust of Queen Elizabeth changes after 1983, and the reverse side changes from time to time. All the coins you find in circulation are made of nickel-brass and are worth face value. You can use to figure exchange rates between currencies of various countries.

In addition to the business strike coins produced for circulation, the Royal Mint also produced proof coins for collectors. You can see the sharp difference between the proofs and business strikes by considering our secondary picture. Four the the coins are proofs; one is a business strike. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the difference!

Now the proofs are made of silver. That changes things. Each one pound proof coin contains 0.283 troy ounces of silver.

Under normal circumstances, the proof coins would be worth their weight in silver, so multiply the current price of silver (found at by 0.283 and you have the value of a silver proof coin. However, circumstances are not completely normal. The Royal Mint intentionally limited the supply of proof coins, making them more difficult to find. This drives the price up somewhat above the silver-only value. Refer to coin catalogs to find approximate values of the proofs. CoinQuest concentrates on coins that are not artificially inflated.

Click to this CoinQuest link for an overview of the value of British coins.

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