Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Cent  1936 to 1945
Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) Cent 1936 to 1945

Known as Indonesia today, the Dutch were in control of the Netherlands East Indies until 1942. Several different types of coins were minted bearing a NEDERLANDSCH INDIE inscription along with predominantly Muslim designs and writing.

These are exotic coins in the West, but are basically modern issues that carry small collector premiums. Most of the coins were minted at the Philadelphia, PA (USA) mint.

Mitch's one cent coin with the hole is worth about 10 US cents in worn condition, rising to $3 to $5 US dollars in fully uncirculated condition.

Coin: 7810 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
Requested by: Mitch, Mon, 23-May-2011 01:40:02 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Mon, 18-Nov-2013 05:17:50 GMT
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Requester description: 1942 Hole in center. Wheat blowing over the hole 1 C- beneath hole, nederlandsch indie 1942; indecipherable Arabic lettering. Flowers at the bottom.
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I got thousands of this kind of coin. Found it in my grandpa's garage. There was this one coin different from the others. The hole was not right in the middle but slightly on the left side of the coin. I want to know if the coin worth more than the other coins. Thanks - Barrie
This is a striking error called 'off center'. The value of error coins has been subject to much debate, and the value is usually determined between the dealer and the collector. Definitely your coin is more valuable than the other you found. You could add $5 US dollars or so to a circulated coin. Our page on off center errors is found at this link [Press Here]. - CoinQuest (Andrei)

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