US Walking Liberty Half Dollar  1916 to 1947
US Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1916 to 1947

There is a fairly distinct break in the catalog values of Walking Liberty half dollars at the year 1933. Here are what the common date coins are approximately worth in US dollars:

BEFORE 1934:
worn: $15 approximate catalog value
average circulated: $20
well preserved: $60
fully uncirculated (like our picture): $350 and up

These values generally apply to most pre-1934 walkers, except for the 1917 coin with no mintmark which is more common in average circulated grades and up; divide the values above by two. Look below on this page to see other valuable dates, especially pre-1934 walkers with mint marks.

AFTER 1933:
worn: $15 approximate catalog value
average circulated: $15
well preserved: $20
fully uncirculated (like our picture): $35
coins dated 1938D: $160 in average circulated condition

The prices above are for problem-free coins with decent eye appeal. Stains, spots, scratches, and cleanings are considered damage and lower a coin's value to basic bullion level. Remember to convert the inflated catalog values quoted above to actual buy and sell values by reading our Information page.

All Walking Libery halves contain 0.3617 troy ounces of silver. At the going rate of about $24 per ounce, their bullion value is 0.3617 x $24 = $8.68 each. To find the current bullion value, go to a web site like, find the price of silver, then multiply by 0.3617. This gives the absolute minimum value of the coin.

The better dates for walkers are shown next. The US Dollar figure after the date and mint mark is an approximate catalog value for coins in average circulated condition. (See BEFORE 1934 section above for all other pre-1934 coins.) Coins with heavy wear are worth much less. Coins in fully uncirculated condition are worth much, much more.

1916: $135
1916D: $100
1916S: $350
1917D: $100
1917S: $250, but only if the S is on the 'heads' side, click here
1917S: $25, when S is in the normal place on the 'tails' side
1918: $50
1918D: $70
1919: $200
1919D: $230
1919S: $230
1920D: $180
1920S: $60
1921: $560
1921D: $700
1921S: $600
1923S: $85
1927S: $35
1928S: $50

Opal, your specimens are not the better dates, are heavily worn, and have been damaged by tape and scratches. As such, they are worth about bullion value, i.e., the value of the silver they contain.

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