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Italy 50 Centesimi 1936 to 1943

 Date: 1939 
 Mint mark:
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: the head is facing right VITT.EMAN.111.RE.E.IMP. Looks like some letters under head(too small to read even with magnifying glass...the back looks like and eagle standing on a peace pipe..XV11 underneath the 1939 date c/ cross crown on top....50 mint mark looks like an R not positive though 
 [Request 760 received from opal, Tuesday, 21-Jul-2009, answered by Chris] 
 [Reviewed by Chris. Appraisal updated., Tuesday, 16-Apr-2013] 

Italy 50 Centesimi 1936 to 1943 | centesimi italy 50 fasces bird axe eagle wing steel hawk iron nickel falcon peace 11 xv head re mark crown Hello, Opal --

Since your stainless steel 50 centesimi coin from Italy is in average circulated condition, it catalogs for less than one US dollar. Were it fully uncirculated, the catalog value would rise to about $10.

There are two better dates for this series of coins, 1936 and 1943. These catalog about $20 in average circulated condition, climbing to over $100 in fully uncirculated.

There are also two common dates for the series: coins dated 1941 and 1942 catalog about $3 even when fully uncirculated.

In the unlikely event that you should encounter a coin dated 1937 or 1938, take it for an inspection by a professional in a coin shop. 50 Centesimi coins from these years are extremely rare, and catalog at over a thousand dollars in fully uncirculated condition.

Be sure you understand what the word 'catalog' means when pricing coins. It is a weasel word. Use the Important Terminology link at the upper left to read about this.

By the way, the eagle on the reverse is perched on a fasces, literally a bundle of sticks and an axe, symbolizing power and jurisdiction, or strength through unity. The old fashioned US Mercury dime has a fasces on the reverse.

These coins were minted in nickel from 1936 to 1938, and in steel from 1939 to 1943.

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