Malaysia Malaya 5, 10, and 20 Cents  1939 to 1950
Malaysia Malaya 5, 10, and 20 Cents 1939 to 1950

Malaya is at the southern tip of the Malaya peninsula, south of Thailand, and is included in the monarchy of Malaysia. It was a British colony until 1957.

Some of the 5, 10, and 20 cent coins between 1939 and 1950 were minted in silver, and some in copper nickel. Those in copper nickel are worth a few dollars to collectors when in superb condition, i.e., fully uncirculated. The silver coins are worth a tad more, as follows:

worn, all coins: less than $1 US dollar catalog value
average circulated: all coins: $1 approximate catalog value
well preserved: all coins: $4 approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated:
- 5 cents, all coins: $5
- 10 cents, 1945 and 1949: $12
- 10 cents, other dates: $6
- 20 cents, 1945: $30
- 20 cents, other dates: $10

Here are the silver coins:

1943 to 1945: 0.022 troy ounces silver

1939 to 1941: 0.065 troy ounces silver
1943 to 1945: 0.044 troy ounces silver

1939: 0.131 troy ounces silver
1943 to 1945: 0.087 troy ounces silver

For damaged, holed or extremely worn coins, the collector value is nil. The copper-nickel coins will be disregarded by most in that state, but silver coins retain their bullion value.
Use a website such as Kitco to look up the current value of silver, and multiply it by how many troy ounces of silver your coin contains. The value changes every day.

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