Token: China Double Dragon Amulet
Token: China Double Dragon Amulet

I like Bob Reis' introduction to his page on Chinese Amulets:

Chinese culture is permeated with, no, based on poetic allusion, hidden meanings, union of opposites, complex currents of energy and intention. In certain contexts these bases can express in rank superstition (present in all human cultures), and in others can lead to scientific advancement.

If you are squirmish (as I am) about the occult, mysticism, divination, and similar arts, the double dragon coins and amulets are more provactive than other similar pieces known as Dragon and Phoenix amulets described at this CoinQuest link. If one of your dragons looks like a bird, then it is the Dragon/Phoenix piece.

The double dragon coin in our picture comes from Chinese Coins and Charms where it is attributed to the Ming Dynasty with dates Cheng Te (1505-1521 AD). Such an item would probably sell for $50 to $100 US dollars, and certainly more if it were in better condition.

More than likely, Dswiz has a modern reproduction of the Ming coin, which sells retail for a few dollars. Such coins, apparently, are used in some type of divination known as I Chi or I Ching which has a popular following to the point where you can buy 100 coins for about $20. These images come from under the heading Chinese Collectibles.

Coin: 6943 , Genre: The Sinosphere
Requested by: dswiz, Mon, 28-Feb-2011 01:04:55 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Thu, 24-Oct-2013 03:42:48 GMT
Reviewed by Chris - Appraisal OK, Thu, 24-Oct-2013 03:42:48 GMT
Requester description: 2 dragons on back, also has w or m that the dragons are facing. On the front has 4 symbols and a square hole through it.
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