Bahamas Coinage  1966 to Date
Bahamas Coinage 1966 to Date

There are about 3000 individual islands in the archipelao of the Bahamas. It is a British Crown Colony. Decimal coinage started there in 1966, and many of the designs are really quite interesting and well-done. The 10 cent coin has wavy edges, and the 15 cent coin is square. All others are round. Denominations range from one cent all the way to (are you ready?) 2500 dollars. The $2500 coins are 58 mm in diameter (an old US silver dollar is 38 mm) and made with 12 troy ounces of gold.

As with all modern coin, those made of non-precious metal are worth face value. If you can find a fully uncirculated example, or a proof coin made especially for collectors, you can sell them to collectors for a little more than face value.

The list below gives coins that may be made of precious metal. Not all coins in the list are precious, and when they are precious, the amount of silver and gold can vary. You have to inspect each coin to know for sure. Take your coin to a jeweler if you have doubts. A one dollar coin dated 1974, for instance, comes in copper-nickel and silver. The silver coins are proof. Be careful not to jump to conclusions about the precious metal content.

ONE DOLLAR 1966 to 1980: 0.466 troy ounces silver
TWO DOLLARS 1966 to 1980: 0.886 ounces silver
FIVE DOLLARS 1966 to 1991: 1.253 ounces silver (some $5 coins contain less silver)
TEN DOLLARS 1967 to 1971: 0.118 troy ounces gold
TEN DOLLARS 1972: 0.094 ounces gold
TEN DOLLARS 1973: 0.027 ounces gold
TEN DOLLARS 1973: 1.479 ounces silver
TEN DOLLARS After 1974: various amounts of silver, usually around 0.5 ounces
TEN DOLLARS 1993 (58 mm diameter): 4.05 ounces silver
TWENTY DOLLARS: 1967 to 1971: 0.236 ounces gold
TWENTY DOLLARS After 1971: various amounts of gold, usually around 0.05 ounces
TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS 1979: 1.111 ounces silver
TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS 1985 and after (58 mm diameter): 4.04 ouncs silver
FIFTY DOLLARS 1967 to Present: various amounts of gold, usually around 0.1 ounces
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS 1967 to Present: various amounts of siver and gold
150 DOLLARS 1973 to 1974: 0.242 ounces gold
200 DOLLARS 1973 to 1974: 0.321 ounces gold
250 DOLLARS 1979: 0.036 ounces gold
250 DOLLARS After 1984: 1.402 ounces gold
500 DOLLARS Ater 1980: 0.750 ounces gold
1000 DOLLARS After 1982: 1.20 ounces gold
2500 DOLLARS After 1973: 12.001 ounces gold

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