Spain 100 Pesetas  1966
Spain 100 Pesetas 1966

Back in the old days, with silver worth $5 an ounce or so, this coin would not be worth very much. Nowadays, with precious metal going through the roof, silver coins like this pick up substantial value.

This coin contains 0.489 troy ounces of silver. If you go to a web site such as, you will find that silver runs today at an astounding $26 US dollars per troy ounce. That means the base value of this coin is 0.489 x 26 = $12 US dollars. Be sure to look up the current value of silver. It changes every day.

If you have one in beautiful shape, like the on in our picture, a collector might pay a few dollars over the basic silver value.

Look up the value of silver today. It will be different than what was quoted when this page was written.

Coin: 5976 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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