Great Britain 25 New Pence  1980
Great Britain 25 New Pence 1980

During the period form 1971 to 1982 Great Britian moved from their old monetary system of farthings, pence, shillings, guineas, sovereigns and the like to a new decimal system. The new system is not as romantic, but probably more functional. In the new system, there are 5 new pence in one shilling, 25 new pence in one crown, and 100 new pence in one pound.

Wayner has a 25 new pence crown.

These coins were issued in normal 'business' strike as well as collector 'proof' strike. The business strikes are copper-nickel and the proof strikes are 0.925 silver. The coin in our picture is a proof strike which has mirror-like surfaces. So mirror-like are the surfaces, you can see the camera in the picture.

Business strikes are worth face value. Proofs are worth their weight in silver. A 25P crown contains 0.841 troy ounces of silver. Use to get the current price of silver, then multiply by 0.841.

Coin: 5664 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1980 D G REG F D Elizibeth II on front. E;lizabeth The Queen Mother August 4th 1980 and a profile of The Queen surrounded by various flags on the back
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