Canada Newfoundland 2 Dollar Gold  1865 to 1888
Canada Newfoundland 2 Dollar Gold 1865 to 1888

Like all gold coins today, yours is a valuable piece. Does it look like the picture I've supplied, with lots of frosty, creamy luster? Or is it more shiny or polished looking? The frosty, lustrous look is desirable. The polished look is not. A dull look is less valuable.


Your coin contains 0.0981 troy ounces of gold, so that makes it worth a minimum of $100 (US dollars) at gold prices as of this writing. Check web sites like for the latest gold price. It changes every day.

A good rule of thumb for these coins is to multiply the current value of gold in troy ounces (available on web sites like by 0.0981, and then add $50 for worn coins or $150 for undamaged, nice-looking coins. If you have one that is fully lustrous and uncirculated, you can add $300 for coins dated after 1880, and a whopping $1000 for coins dated before 1880.

Coins dated 1880 in this series are extremely rare. Figure $1000 even in worn condition. Hope you have one!

Coin: 561 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Answered by: Paul, Thu, 09-May-2013 15:07:58 GMT
Appraisal ok, Be sure to use the current value of gold, Sun, 23-Nov-2014 13:14:21 GMT
Requester description: 1885 Queen Victoria front, 2 dollars back two hundred cents one hundred pence
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I have one of these coins in great condition it seems to be a bronze gold colour. Can you tell me the best way to sell it please - Rhonda
Hey Rhonda - seek out a reputable coin dealer in your area. They will make you an offer that is close to the value of the gold content. A collector would pay more than that (depending on condition), and you can sell to collectors in an online market like eBay. - CoinQuest (Todd)

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