Great Britain Half Sovereign and Sovereign (Fakes are possible)  1911 to 1932
Great Britain Half Sovereign and Sovereign (Fakes are possible) 1911 to 1932

Don't use metal polish to remove the spots, Meutia. That will ruin the value of your cool British coin. Be sure to handle your coin by its edges only. No fingerprints allowed!

It sounds like you have a gold sovereign from 1914. It could be a half sovereign, because the two coins look alike, only their size is different:

HALF SOVEREIGN: 19 mm diameter, 0.118 troy ounces gold
SOVEREIGN: 22 mm diameter, 0.235 troy ounces gold

Like most of the coins in these series, the 1914 coins from the British mint are 'common date' coins, so their fundamental value comes from gold content. In other words, these coins are 'worth their weight in gold.' There are sovereigns and half sovereigns that are worth more than basic gold value. These are discussed below.

At the current gold value of about $1080 US dollars per troy ounce, your coin is worth 0.235 times $1080, or $254. The value of gold varies daily, so be sure to look it up on a web site such as If you have a half sovereign, the formula is 0.118 x 1080 = $127

Collectors often pay more than gold value alone, especially for coins that are in excellent condition. The additional value over and above the basic gold value is called 'collector premium.' For a nice, fully uncirculated specimen expect a collector premium of about $100 US dollars for a sovereign, and half that for a half sovereign. If you want to sell your gold coin to a coin dealer, expect to get offers well below the retail price. The dealer needs that margin to keep his or her business afloat.

The coin in our picture is in beautiful condition. It has plenty of creamy mint luster, which means it is uncirculated or nearly uncirculated. It comes from respected eBay seller Allgold Coins US in London and New York. CoinQuest thanks Allgold Coins US for use of their coin photo. It is a beauty!

The discussion above applies to all dates and mint marks except a few. If your coin does not appear in the discussion below, then the value is as described above.

As always with valuable coins, you must be on the lookout for counterfeits. The only sure-fire method for protecting yourself is dealing only with people you trust. It usually takes years to build relationships with reliable coin dealers, but it is worth every effort.

If you have a 1917 sovereign from Great Britain (without mint mark, see below) you have a *good date* and it is worth a lot of money. Hope you've got one. The catalogs say a 1917 sovereign without mint mark is worth $6500 in well preserved condition. But watch out. There are fakes on 1917 sovereigns without mint mark. A side-by-side comparison below shows a genuine coin and a fake. The poor quality of the fake, with lots of imperfections, is the primary diagnostic. Genuine coins have very high quality. There is a terrific page on fake sovereigns over at GoldSovereignExpert.

Now, Meutia, here is the tantalizing part. Your coin was probably minted in Great Britain and carries no mint mark. But, if it has a C mint mark (Ottawa, Canada), it is worth a lot. Look at the side with the dragon slayer, just above the date. What do you see? You may need a magnifying glass to see it. If you see no mint mark, then the discussion above applies. If you see C, for the Canadian mint, then you have a valuable coin. A 1914C sovereign catalogs for $1500 in uncirculated condition. If you have one of these, that's great!

The picture shows what an M mint mark (Melbourne, Australia) would look like. There are other mint marks for this series of sovereigns, and some are quite valuable. Here is a listing of the good mint-marked coins. The catalog value shown is for well preserved specimens.

P = Perth, Australia
M = Melbourne, Australia
S = Sydney, Australia
C = Canada
I = Bombay, India
SA = Pretoria, South Africa
no mint mark = London, UK

1918P: $2000

1913C: $900
1916C: $15000
1920M: $4000
1920S: $100000
1921M: $12000
1921S: $1000
1922M: $7000
1922S: $12000
1923S: $8000
1923SA: $500
1924S: $1000
1924SA: $4000
1926P: $1000
1928M: $3000
1929M: $2000

If you have one of the coins in the lists above, you are beyond the ken of CoinQuest. Seek out a knowledgable coin collector or coin dealer. Your coin carries numismatic (coin collector) value well beyond its basic gold value.

Finally, as with all valuable collector coins, a mint marked coin might be a counterfeit. So it is best to work with reliable dealers and have your coin authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS. Look them up on the Internet. Do not use other services.

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