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US Ellis Island Dollar (Counterfeit)  1906
US Ellis Island Dollar (Counterfeit) 1906

Today's minting technology is really something. Mints around the world produce coins with literally breathtaking appeal and beauty. People buy these coins as collectable items, but, with very few exceptions, they hold almost no potential of strong growth in value. Their price is usually pumped up by marketing hype, so you pay way too much for them in the first place, making it almost impossible to realize a profit after, say, 20 years. If you buy a modern commemorative coin that's great. They make terrific collectibles and gifts, but buy them because you like them, not because they may be valuable some day. They won't.

The coin in our main picture is a beautiful Ellis Island commemorative coin produced in silver by the US mint in 1986. These sell retail today for $25 to $35 US dollars due to their silver content. They contain 0.77 troy ounces of silver and their value goes up and down with the silver market. Sometimes you see them gold plated. The gold plating is extremely thin and adds no value over and above silver value.

Note, however, that Shawna's coin is dated 1906, not 1986 like modern Ellis Island commemoratives. The general opinion on the Internet is that coins dated 1906 are fakes, produced for some reason by Chinese or related counterfeiters. Fake coins are worth zero

Coin: 4719 , Genre: United States
Requested by: shawna, Sun, 04-Jul-2010 09:32:16 GMT
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Requester description: 1906 it has bus un on the bottom of the back it has the torch with writing on the front it has lady liberty and ellis islands
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