Norway 50 Kroner  1978
Norway 50 Kroner 1978

It's a pretty coin, and unusual too, but with the 1978 date it is thoroughly modern and worth only its silver content plus whatever premium a collector would be willing to pay.

The coin contains 0.803 troy ounces of silver, so look up the current silver price (see and multiply by 0.803.

If your specimen is extra nice, a collector might pay a few US dollars over silver content. A dealer would buy it from you for several dollars below silver content.

The coin commemorates the 75th birthday of King Olav V.

Coin: 4572 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1903 front: head of a male person with an initial of Ø.H. at the back of a coin there is corsive lettering says blavR and 2 juli 1903-1978, NORGE 50KR, there is a picture of a plant like a flower one stem, 2 leaves,3 folwers but top to bottom, smallest-biggest. coin is shiny and yellowish color
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