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US Morgan Dollar (Counterfeit)  1895US Morgan Dollar (Counterfeit) 1895 Estonia 10 and 20 Senti  1931 to 1935Estonia 10 and 20 Senti 1931 to 1935
Guyana ~ Guiana (French) 2 Sous  1780 to 1790Guyana ~ Guiana (French) 2 Sous 1780 to 1790 Token: France Dix (10) Louis d'Or  1640Token: France Dix (10) Louis d'Or 1640
East Africa 1/2, 1, 5, and 10 Cents  1907 to 1964East Africa 1/2, 1, 5, and 10 Cents 1907 to 1964 Token: US (Hawaii) King Kamehameha Token: US (Hawaii) King Kamehameha
Medal: Great Britain Edward and Alexandra Coronation (Kinghorn)  1902Medal: Great Britain Edward and Alexandra Coronation (Kinghorn) 1902 Medal: US Hawaii Maui Trade Dollar  1992 to DateMedal: US Hawaii Maui Trade Dollar 1992 to Date



Token: US Arcade Clown No Cash Value

These are modern arcade tokens with no cash value ('ficha no tiene valor' in Spanish). If you want to buy 1000 of them, check the TokensDirect web site. Collectors might pay one US dollar for an uncirculated specimen to add to their collections. Circulated tokens are worth a few cents.

Coin: 21166
Requested by: Jeff, Sun, 22-May-2016 22:29:51 GMT

Japan 5 and 10 Sen  1944

The 5 sen is a little smaller than the 10 sen. Our primary picture (to the left) shows a 10 sen coin and our secondary picture (to the right) shows a 5 sen. Both these coins are made of tin and zinc due to the war effort, and both therefore do not hold up well with wear. If you can find an uncirculated specimen, the value is decent. Otherwise the values are low.

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: less than $1

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Token: Canada (Quebec) Confederation (White Garden Madonna)  1867

This token, made in 1967, celebrates the Province of Quebec and its entrance into the Canadian Confederation in 1867. You can find tokens (or medals) like this for each Canadian province.

Approximate catalog values run like this:

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: less than $1
well preserved: $2 fully uncirculated: $5

Coin: 21143
Requested by: Aidan, Wed, 18-May-2016 18:20:43 GMT

Panama 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 Balboa  1930 to 1996

Panama issued large silver coins with several fractional denominations between 1930 and 1996. The patterns on these coins are all very similar. It is easy to get confused about which coin is which. We will try to explain.

This page applies to 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 balboas. You can see our appraisal for the 1 balboa coin, which is much bigger, at this CoinQuest link. The 1/10 balboas read VN DECIMO DE BALBOA, the 1/4 balboas have annotation VN CVARTO DE BALBOA and the 1/2 balboas MEDIO BALBOA.

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Portugal 40 Reis  1811 to 1825

These 40 reis coins were issued by King Joao of Portugal between 1811 and 1825. It is very difficult to find well preserved examples, and condition means a great deal to value. The 1815 date is rare and there are a few other nuances described below. Here are typical catalog values for all dates except 1815:

worn: $8 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated (like our picture): $75
well preserved: $200

If you have the rare 1815 date, multiply the values above by three. Further, note that there are two designs for the crowned globe on the back of the coin. One is a 'tall globe' and one is a 'round globe.' The tall design generally appears on coins dated before 1820 and the round globe appears after that. But, if you can find a tall globe on a coin dated 1821 or 1823, then you have a more valuable piece, as follows:

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Token: India Ram Darbar Temple Ramatanka (Fakes are possible)

We received an inquiry via e-mail about this unusual coin. Shailender sent us the photograph at the left, but no other information except that it is an ancient coin from India.

There is much interest in these coins and we have prepared this page with up-to-date information. This page covers:

Identification - These are not coins used for commerce, but tokens (tankas) related to Hindu temples, i.e., these are 'Temple Tokens,' with various Western spellings such as Ram Tanka, or Ramatanka, or Ram Tonka. They are made for religious pilgrims to carry for good luck, and to catch blessings from the gods. They come with designs of Hindu deities and with various religious ceremonies being carried out in honor of them.

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