Germany 2 Mark  1957 to 1971
Germany 2 Mark 1957 to 1971

Some of the older dates on these two mark coins from the Federal Republic of Germany (the old West Germany) are starting to pick up collector value in high grades. Circulated coins are common and worth very little, less than $1 US dollar. But if you have an uncirculated coin and it is dated before 1965 you can figure a retail value of a few 10s of dollars when sold to a collector. The following dates and mint marks may even fetch over $100 in uncirculated condition:


Proof coins, like the one in our picture, are made especially for collectors and can be worth a little more than regular coins.

Coin: 4188 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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Requester description: 1967 Max Planck 2 Deutsche Mark
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