France 20 Francs  1929 to 1939
France 20 Francs 1929 to 1939

These nice-looking French coins were minted in 0.680 fine silver, containing 0.437 troy ounces of the precious metal. At today's silver prices (use a web site such as to find the current price), just the silver content alone gives them decent value.

If your coin is in average circulated condition, like the one in our picture, it might fetch $20 to $30 US dollars in an eBay auction. Problems, scratches, cleanings, stains and the like will lower value. An uncirculated specimen catalogs over $85.

The numbers above are true for all dates except one. If you have a 1936 France 20 francs, watch out! It is the granddaddy of the series, with a catalog value of $1000 in average circulated condition.


Please see our Important Terminology page to understand the meaning of 'catalog value.'

Coin: 3954 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1933 it's silver, says republique francaise with a profile view of a woman's face with p.turin inscribed underneath. the other side says 20 francs 1933 liberte egalite fraternite
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