US Enhanced Silver Eagle  1986 to Date
US Enhanced Silver Eagle 1986 to Date

It sounds like you have one of those novelty items made by enhancing an uncirculated American Silver Eagle (ASE) bullion coin. Currently these items sell as novelty pieces for $50 or $60 US dollars. A normal ASE contains one troy ounce of pure silver and these sell at about the current price of silver. Use a web site like to look up the current silver price.

For an untreated coin, the value is figured by starting with the spot value of pure silver (about $13 US dollars per troy ounce when this appraisal was written) then adding premiums for the fact that the precious metal has been struck into a coin and backed by the US government. Then add dealer's margin and you quickly get to the $20 to $25 mark. The value of silver changes every day, so be sure to look it up.

A treated coin has been defaced, so it is worth essentially nothing to coin collectors. Painting a coin is one of the most severe methods of damaging it in the eyes of numismatists (coin collectors). If you try to sell your coin to a collector, he or she will not buy it for more than the raw silver content. If you put it one eBay, a non-collector may buy it for the $50 or $60 price. If you try to sell it to the owner of a novelty shop, he or she will probably pay one half of the retail value, or less.

You can see examples of enameled coins from Great Britain at this CoinQuest link.

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