France 10 Francs  1988
France 10 Francs 1988

Cool coin. I like French coin designs. The French designs stand head-and-shoulders over US designs. Just my opinion!

Most of these coins, Melissa, were minted in aluminum bronze and are worth face value when in circulated condition. If you can find an uncircualted specimen in aluminum bronze, a collector might buy it for a few US dollars.

Some of these coins were minted in gold, and some in silver. If you have one with precious metal, it will say so on the coin.

12 g .900 silver: 0.347 troy ounces of silver
12 g .950 silver: 0.366 troy ounces of silver
12 g .920 gold: 0.355 troy ounces of gold

Use a precious metal web site such as to look up the price of one troy ounce of silver or gold, then multiply by the coin's contents to find value.

Remember that when speaking of precious metal, the word 'troy' is understood. Therefore, 'ounces' and 'troy ounces' mean the same thing.

Coin: 3842 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1988 front - 1888-1918 Roland Garros Back - 1988 Republique Francaise
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