Philippines 1 Peso  1947
Philippines 1 Peso 1947

What a great coin. It is a modern coin, though, so its value is low. The thing that gives it value is its silver content.

Your 1947 Philippines peso contains 0.579 troy ounces of silver. Using a web site like, we find the current price of silver is $20 US dollars per ounce. The base value of your coin is then 0.579 x 20 = $11.50 dollars. But tomorrow the value of silver will be different. Look it up.

If your coin is in superb shape, like the coin in our picture, with plenty of mint luster and eye appeal, you can add a few dollars to the silver value to account for coin collector demand. For the pictured coin, I'd add about $8.

Coin: 3669 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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Requester description: 1947 Philippines one peso 1947 flowers general douglas macarthur defender and liberator of the philippines oct 20 1944
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