France 5 Francs  1800 to 1889
France 5 Francs 1800 to 1889

Hi Kendra -- I am not sure of the significance of the man and two women, but this pattern has been used on many French coins over the years, including L'AN 10 (the year 1802) and continuing through 1889.

Many of these are valuable coins. The list below shows catalog value for coins in well preserved condition. In better condition, the catalog value is approximately doubled. Worse condition, with lots of wear and low eye appeal, figure one-half to one-quarter of these values.

L'AN 4 to L'AN 11 with A, L, or Q mint mark: about $120
L'AN 4 to L'AN 11, all other mint marks: about $250
L'AN 5 with L mint mark: $500
L'AN 10 with G mint mark: $1000
1848 or 1849, all mint marks: about $50
1848 or 1849 with D or K mint marks: about $200
1849 with D mint makr: $1000
1870 to 1872 all mint marks: about $250
1871 with A mint mark: $500
1872 with K mint mark: $800
1873 to 1877 all mint marks: $20
1878 with A mint mark: $1800

These are all inflated catalog values. Use our Important Terminology link to understand what 'catalog value' means.

Coin: 3540 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1875 the device is a hercules like man with two women on each side. the women are holding hands across the man. Each woman is holding an object in the other hand. The left has a spear or maybe a flame on a long torch. The woman on the right has a triangle thing. The man is naked, except for a loincloth and has his arms on the womens' shoulders.The inscription says 'liberte egalite fraternite'. the other side inscription says ' republique francaise' and 5 francs 1875 with branches around it. The rim of the coin has the inscription ' dieu protecte la france' and stars inbetween the words.
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