Philippines 10, 20, 50 Centavos and 1 Peso  1903 to 1935
Philippines 10, 20, 50 Centavos and 1 Peso 1903 to 1935

From 1908 to 1935 the United States administered the Philippine Islands and issued several nice coins that are eagerly collected today. The same basic pattern of a woman, an anvil, and a volcano was used on 10, 20, and 50 centavos coins, and also the 1 peso coins. There are 100 centavos in one peso.

These coins were minted in silver, so they carry value based on silver content alone, as follows:

10 centavos 1903 to 1906: 0.0779 troy ounces of silver
10 centavos 1907 to 1935: 0.0482 ounces
20 centavos 1903 to 1906: 0.1558 ounces
20 centavos 1907 to 1935: 0.0965 ounces
50 centavos 1903 to 1906: 0.3900 ounces
50 centavos 1907 to 1935: 0.2441 ounces
1 peso 1903 to 1906: 0.7800 ounces
1 peso 1907 to 1912: 0.5144 ounces

The composition of the coins changed at the date shown and, even though the size of the coins remains constant, the amount of non-precious metal in the coins was adjusted to give the silver contents indicated above. So, to find the basic bullion value of the coin, multiply the ounce weight of silver by the current price of silver found at web sites such as For instance, at the time this appraisal was created, the price of silver was $17.21 per troy ounce. A 1 peso dated 1908 has a silver value of 0.5144 x $17.21 = $8.85 US dollars.

But these coins are usually worth more than silver value, because collectors are looking to buy them for their collections. This collector demand adds value, roughly as follows:

10 centavos average circulated: add $3
20 centavos average circulated: add $4
50 centavos average circulated: add $5
1 peso average circulated: add $10

The coin in our picture is in average circulated condition. If your coin is in better shape, the colletor demand goes up and so does the added collector value. Vice versa, in worse shape, the value goes down. If the coin is damaged, stained, scratched, cleaned, or otherwise defaced, the collector value goes to zero.


Finally, there are a few special dates and mint marks that make these coins extra valuable. The list below gives approximate collector value for average circulated coins:

10 centavos 1903S, 1904: add $10
10 centavos 1909S: add $20
10 centavos 1915S: add $15
20 centavos 1903S, 1904: add $20
50 centavos 1903S: very valuable, worth more than $1000
50 centavos 1904: add $20
1 peso 1903, 1903S, 1904S, 1905S, 1911S, 1912S: add $20
1 peso 1906S: valuable, worth more than $500

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Requester description: 1908 Encircling beginning at 11 o'clock -'One Peso Filipinas' with a robed woman with a hammer hitting an anvil. Smoking volcano on her left (my right). -reverse- Encircling 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1908' with and eagle with 3 arrows on a shield with 13 stars on top and 13 stripes below.
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