Canada 5 Cents  1858 to 1921
Canada 5 Cents 1858 to 1921

These Canadian 5 cent pieces are old enough to start to pick up some significant collector value. Coins before 1902 have Victoria, between 1902 and 1910 Edward, and after 1910 George. They contain 0.035 troy ounces of silver. The series is complicated to evaluate. Here is CoinQuest's analysis:

The list below gives approximate catalog values for most coins in average circulated condition, like the coin in the picture. Heavily worn coins will be worth far less. If you have an uncirculated example, multiply these value by ten. Coins with special dates are worth more than these values. Look below for the special dates. For most coins, then:

1858 to 1900: $40 US dollars in average circulated condition
1901 to 1910: $20
1910 to 1920: $10
1921: $3500 (a rare coin)

These are catalog values. Use our Important Terminology page to understand how to get actual values from catalog values.

There are a few dates which are especially valuable, much more than the list above. These special coins are:

1884: $250 in average circulated condition
1887 and 1889: $75 average circulated
1894: $60 average circulated
1915: $35 average circulated

Coin: 3220 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1890 Inscriptions: Victoria DEI GRATIA Regina Canada Devices: woman head shot other side: crown 2 wreaths 5 cents 1890
Tags: canada 5 cents cent peny pennys pennies penny victoria dei gratia regina woman head shot crown 2 wreaths wreath grattia reginaf greenery wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah edwardus edward eduardus edouard edwards edwardvs dward edourdand leaves leaf tiara leafs leave leaved leafed leafy leavs crowned crwon crpwn crowns tiarra crowning tiera

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