Peru 1 Sol  1943 to 1965
Peru 1 Sol 1943 to 1965

'Sol de Oro' means, roughly, 'Dollar of Gold.' But not quite. At first Peru's Sol de Oro coins were made out of silver. But in 1943 they changed to brass. Your 1951 Dollar of Gold is made out of brass and not worth very much.

In worn condition these coins are worth less than $1 US dollar. As condition improves, the value goes up:

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $8
fully uncirculated: $15

Be sure you understand what 'catalog value' means. It is explained on our Terminology page.

Coin: 3059 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1951 Sol De oOo UN Pagara Al Port A Dor El Banco Central De Reserva Del Peru 1951 (one side). Shield with lama, tree and sea horse with circle on top and leaves on each side (flip side)
Tags: peru 1 sol sun peruana peruvian perv sunrise sola sunburst sunshine sunset sunlight sols un pagara port dor banco bank central reserva del one shield lama llama tree sea ocean horse circle leaves leaf vna uno una vn banko banque bangko centrale ones arms sheild coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested crest chevron creast shields escutcheon llamas oceanic oceania oceanie mountie mounted mount equestrian rider pony horsehead riding horseman ride horseback horses equestres stallion circled encircle circlet ring circles loops circal encircled circuit ringed circumscibed incircled circel circumference encircles encircling rings circling loop circular circumscribed greenery leafs boughs liafy bush leave leaved bough leafe leafed leafy leavs foliage oro wreath wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths cornucopia palm pine oak palmetto fronds palms frond


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