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Great Britain 20 Pence  1982 to DateGreat Britain 20 Pence 1982 to Date China 1 Yuan  1991 to DateChina 1 Yuan 1991 to Date
France 1 Centime and 5 Centimes  1961 to 2001France 1 Centime and 5 Centimes 1961 to 2001 Germany Regensburg Pfennig  1785 to 1790Germany Regensburg Pfennig 1785 to 1790
Token: US San Antonio Concepcion and San Jose Missions  1720 to 1730Token: US San Antonio Concepcion and San Jose Missions 1720 to 1730 Token: India Ram Darbar Temple Ramatanka Token: India Ram Darbar Temple Ramatanka



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Spain Colonial 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Escudos  1760 to 1817

Evaluating Spanish gold escudos is a complicated topic. On this page you will find a superficial treatment of the subject. If you have one of these coins, it is important to research it thoroughly.

History In the old days Spain colonized much of the Western world. Coins from Spain circulated in places like Mexico, Peru, Columbia, and Florida. CAROL IIII is King Charles IV of Spain, although the older coins have CAROLUS III and are generally worth more than the IIII coins. After Charles came King Ferdinand, and his name and likeness appears on later dates. AUSPICES DEO IN UTRO FELIX means (roughly) 'in the will of God we will happily prosper.' There are many coins with these inscriptions, but the important part is the denomination, 8S in Kristin's case.

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Russia USSR / CCCP 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 50 Kopeks  1958 to 1991

The modern Russian alphabet with Cyrillic script looks enough like Latin letters that most westerners try to do transliterations. But it doesn't quite work, does it? The Russian word kopek, a monetary denomination, ends up as KONEEK or KOHEEK or any number of similar 'almost but not quite' interpretations. Likewise, CCCP really stands for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, what we often call the Soviet Union.

Lettering aside, coins that look like our picture were minted in Russia between 1958 and 1991. Other coins with similar patters were minted before, during, and after this time period, but this page applies only to coins that look like the pictured 20 kopek example.

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Token: US Baldwin California 20 Dollar  1851

There are only a few genuine $20 Baldwin & Co gold coins known. One specimen in well preserved condition was sold in April 2014 for $646,250 US dollars. Yes, you are reading that number right. Ten dollar Baldwins are slightly more common. You can read about them at this CoinQuest link [Press Here].

It's a whole other story with these copper $20 tokens though. We are not sure when, where, or by who they were produced, but they are slightly uncommon and at least some decades old. The ugly token in our image was sold on eBay for $12 in August 2014. If you have one of these, expect a collector to pay a similar price.

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Spain 1 Peseta  1946 to 1975

These are neat collectible coins, SilverSpoon. They are made from aluminum bronze, so when they are uncirculated, or nearly so, they have a sporty gold-colored look. The artwork is nice, and they are basically modern coins, so they are not difficult to find. The mintage is fairly small, which means collector value starts to kick in early. Compare these two mintage figures:

- Spain 1 peseta, 1967: coins minted: 11,300,000
- US 1 cent, 1967: coins minted: 3,048,667,100

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US Coin Roll Hunting

Requester Magoo asks about a roll of US Susan B Anthony dollar coins. The roll has never been opened. What treasure might it hold? Most likely, it holds 25 SBA dollars worth face value. But there are some *better* SBA dollars (like the 1979 'near date' coin shown at this link [Press Here]), and there might be 25 good ones in there!

Welcome to the world of Coin Roll Hunting.

Often abbreviated CRH, the goal of this fringe area of coin collecting is to search through dozens, hundreds, or thousands of rolls of coins in the hopes of getting something that is worth more than face value. CRH'ers are rewarded more often than you might think. Some numismatic magazines have sections dedicated to 'found in rolls' treasures.

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Panama 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 Balboa  1930 to 1996

Panama issued large silver coins with several fractional denominations between 1930 and 1996. The patterns on these coins are all very similar. It is easy to get confused about which coin is which. We will try to explain.

This page applies to 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 balboas. You can see our appraisal for the 1 balboa coin, which is much bigger, at this CoinQuest link. The 1/10 balboas read VN DECIMO DE BALBOA, the 1/4 balboas have annotation VN CVARTO DE BALBOA and the 1/2 balboas MEDIO BALBOA.

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Sweden 50 Ore  1976 to 1991

These are modern 50 ore coins from Sweden, made of copper-nickel. As a modern coin made of non-precious metal, they are worth face value, i.e., 50 ore in Sweden.

Collectors will usually pay a US dollar or two to add this coin to their collections, but to reach those values the coins must be fully uncirculated or nearly so.
The first year of issue, 1976, is worth a tad more than other dates.

Coin: 17825
Requested by: vicki, Tue, 16-Sep-2014 09:38:55 GMT

Token: Germany Muenchner Glueckspfennig (Munich Lucky Penny)

You can buy these lucky pennies directly from their source: Münchner Glückspfenning web site [Press Here], or get them on eBay for $1 US dollar or so.

BTW, Glück is German for luck, fortune, or happiness.
I'm not sure they are guaranteed to work, but it's worth a try ...

Coin: 17817
Requested by: Michigan, Mon, 15-Sep-2014 21:19:56 GMT


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