Russia 5 Kopeks  1763 to 1796
Russia 5 Kopeks 1763 to 1796

Aren't these coins something? They are so THICK, HEAVY, and BIG! A 5 kopek coin from the old Russian Empire measures 43 mm diameter and about 4 mm thick.

Even though they are old, the are not rare. The catalog values run as follows:

worn: $25 US dollars
average circulated: $45
well preserved (like our picture): $140

These are catalog values and must be properly interpreted. Use our Important Terminology page to find the defintion of 'catalog value' when applied to rare coins.

The values above apply to all the dates except four. If you have a 1789 or an 1795 coin with an MM mint mark, or a 1787 or 1788 coin with a TM mint mark, zowie! Those catalog for $400 in worn condition and skyrocket into the stratosphere for coins in better condition.

Also, EM is the most common mint mark (as in our picture). If you have a coin with an AM, KM, MM of CM mint mark, those are a little more rare and command a little more catalog value.

Coin: 2876 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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