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US Wreath Cent 1793

 Date: 1793 
 Mint mark: none 
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: dark brown copper with, I think, lettered edge. reverse of coin has wreath and States of America. 1 100 CENT below the wreath. Obverse has a head with flowing hair, the word Liberty at the top. The coin is not real easy to read. Under the head is 3 leaves and the date of issue. 
 [Request 2838 received from sally, Friday, 29-Jan-2010, answered by Paul] 
 [Updated by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Saturday, 07-Dec-2013] 

US Wreath Cent 1793 | wreath cent 100 bow queen woman issue head liberty dark i america brown obverse hair real 1 united 3 garland Wow, Sally. This is great! Are you convinced the coin is genuine and not one of the thousands of reprodcutions made of this rarity?

Our picture at the right, from eBay seller Iris_Bill, is a genuine piece, and CoinQuest thanks Iris_Bill for use of their coin image.


Value, not surprisingly, depends on condition. The coin in the picture grades about AG3 or G4 (coin collector terms) and catalogs around $1000. But that is a very subjective call. In well preserved condition, coin collector grade XF40, the catalog value soars to $8000. Even with more wear that Iris_Bill's coin, figure at least a few hundred dollars. Pretty cool, huh?

A counterfiet coin generally looks too good to be true. In the example fake at the left, the strike is very strong and the pattern is not quite right. Legal fakes have the word COPY inscribed in the coin. It is unlawful to own US coin replicas without the word COPY inscribed.

If you would like, Sally, use the Contact Us link to start and e-mail exchange with CoinQuest. Then send us a scan or photo of your coin. We might be able to advise you further. If you have a genuine coin, there are several steps you should take to protect its value.

Remember, also, that damage lowers a coin's value quickly. See our Important Terminology page for a discussion of damaged coins.

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