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Great Britain 3 Pence (Nickel-Brass) 1937 to 1948

 Date: 1942 
 Mint mark: k.g 
 Size: tiny 
 Description from requester: Inscriptions - georgivs vi d : g : br: omn : rex fid : def : ind : :imp three pence Devices - George on 1 side, 4 leaf clover shield and cross on 2nd side 
 [Request 2703 received from maddy, Monday, 18-Jan-2010, answered by Paul] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Tuesday, 21-Aug-2012] 

Great Britain 3 Pence (Nickel-Brass) 1937 to 1948 | pence britain nickel great 3 grass flower three man king br rex def clover ind 2 fid leaf vi cross These coins are quite modern and are not worth very much. A fully uncirculated coin could probably draw $5 to $10 US dollars from a collector eager to add it to his or her collection. Most coins are circulated and worth a dollar or two. The 1946 date is most rare, so double the values quoted if you have a 1946.

Tags: pence britain nickel great 3 grass flower three man king br rex def clover ind 2 fid leaf vi cross omn 1 imp nd shield 4 britsh britt nichol brit english british britan britian nickle nickels britaain brittish brittrex brilt nikel england uk brittain brittan nichel bloomed stem leis fleur lily bud pedals blossom lilys flur bouquet floer fluer fleures flowers floral fllower lisse stems fler folwers posy flowery fleurs mans male boy kings exind shiled maltese shileld crosses leafed leaves leavs shied etind chevrons rexind clovers crossed sheild cruciform maltise crossing leave criss shields leaved leafs shelid rexetind ashield escucheon shild leafy rexx george gearge goerg georg geroges glorgivs geogivs geroge georgious georgvs georgian georgeivs georgevs georgium georgius georgivs stgeorge georgia georgvis georger geor copper


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