US Seated Liberty Dime  1837 to 1891
US Seated Liberty Dime 1837 to 1891

The old dimes depict Miss Liberty seated and holding a shield in one hand and a pole with cap in the other. The pattern changed slightly over the years, but remained essentially the same until the design of Charles Barber replaced Seated Liberty in 1892.

Most of these dime are of *common date* -- the list of *better dates* appears below. For common date coins, here is what the catalogs say:

worn condition: $12 US dollars
average circulated: $24
well preserved: $45 to $70
fully uncirculated: $250 and upwards

Be sure you understand what 'catalog value' means. Use our Important Terminology link at the upper left.

If your coin appears in the list below, it is a *better date* coin and worth more than the common dates. Check for the mint mark beneath the wreath on the back of the coin. These catalog values are for average circulated coins:

1837: $300
1838O: $450

1840 (with drapery between Liberty's left arm and leg): $240
1840O: $80
1842O: $140
1843O: $870
1844: $500
1845O: $450
1846: $1220
1847: $100
1849O: $180

1850O: $90
1851O: $120
1852O: $100
1853: $300 unless there are arrows near the date, then $30
1856S: $900
1858O: $90
1858S: $700
1859S: $800

1860S: $350
1860O: $2200
1861S: $400
1862S: $480
1863 through 1867S with or without mint mark: $100 to $700

1870S: $725
1871CC: $9000
1872CC: $5500
1872S: $180
1873CC: $7000
1874CC: $13000
1874S: $110
1878CC: 200
1879 through 1881: $350

1885S: $1400
1886S: $120

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