New Zealand Shilling  1933 to 1965
New Zealand Shilling 1933 to 1965

Your coin is modern, Chris. It is worth face value. The same reverse design goes back to 1933, but the portrait changes over the years according to the British Monarch: George V, George VI, and Elizabeth. Some of the early dates carry numismatic (coin collector) value. In fact, if you can find a proof version of this coin, it is worth big bucks: 100s of US dollars. Proof coins are special coins minted solely for collectors; they do not enter circulation.

Circulated coins from this series are worth small amounts: a few dollars at most for all dates. Uncirculated specimens, however, can carry substantial value if old enough. Here is what the catalogs say about this coin when in uncirculated condition:

Before 1956: $50 to $100 catalog value
1956 and after: $2 to $10

If you have one of the early dates of 1933 or 1934, they are worth about $10 in average circulated condition. The 1935 date is slightly scarce, and catalogs at a nice $20 when average circulated, rising to $200 when fully uncirculated. Not bad!

Use our Important Terminology link to understand what 'catalog value' means.

Coin: 2332 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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