Token: US Masonic Penny (Free Masons Medallion)  1780 to Date
Token: US Masonic Penny (Free Masons Medallion) 1780 to Date

The fact that your Masonic penny has little or no wear will make it more valuable than most of these pieces. I am not familiar with terminology in Free Masonry, but apparently the Royal Arch is a branch or order or subgroup borne out of original Masonic origins. There a many, many designs to their medallions. R.A.M. stands for Royal Arch Masons. HTWSSTKS refers to a stone cutter and architect in the Bible.

The penny token in our picture was struck privately for the Joshua Chapter No. 2 of the Holy Royal Arch Masonic Lodge in Connecticut, USA. It's quite an old chapter of Freemasonry - in 2013 they celebrated their 100th anniversary. As far as these tokens go, these are quite collectible.

worn: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $10
well preserved: $25
fully uncirculated: $30

Evaluating medals and tokens is not as straightforward as legal tender coins. There is a subgroup of collectors who specialize in such items, known as exonumia, but there are far more coin collectors than exonumia collectors. This means demand for coins is greater than for exonumia, and the price of coins is therefore higher.

If you do an Internet search for 'masonic penny' you will find a myriad of hits. EBay is a good place to look as well. Special Masonic tokens, especially ones with dates in the 1700s and 1800s, can approach the $200 mark in retail value.

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Requester description: on the front it says hanover royal arch charter no 310 constituted october 25,1923 hanover pa and the back says one penny
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