Great Britain Half Crown  1927 to 1951
Great Britain Half Crown 1927 to 1951

Half crowns minted before 1947 are made of silver and contain 0.227 troy ounces of the precious metal. You can figure the base value of your coin by multiplying the value of silver by 0.227. Use to look up the value of silver.

As with all British coins, the likeness of the reigning monarch appears on the 'heads' side. For these half crowns, George V appears before 1937, and George VI after 1936.

You can add a small premium for collector demand on the silver coins. Here are some approximate additions. Add these numbers to the base silver value to get an approximate catalog value, the use our Important Terminology page (link at upper left) to convert catalog value to actual buy and sell value.

worn: add $1 to base silver value
average circulated: add $4
well preserved: add $8
fully uncirculated: add $40
coins dated 1930 are more rare, triple the additions above

worn: add $0 to base silver value
average circulated: add $1
well preserved: add $4
fully uncirculated: add $10

All other half crowns in this series after 1946 are made of copper-nickel and are worth face value. If a post-1946 coin is in superb numismatics (coin collector) condition, like the one in our picture, a collector will pay a few US dollars to add it to his or her collection.

Coin: 2227 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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