Canada 25 Cents  1937 to Date
Canada 25 Cents 1937 to Date

The portrait of King George VI changes to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The caribou on the back remaines the same. The composition changes from 80 percent silver to nickel in 1968. All nickel coins after 1967 are worth face value unless they are in fully uncirculated condition, in which case a collector might pay a few US dollars to add an example to his or her collection.

The pre-1968 coins contain 0.15 troy ounces of silver, so you can find the bullion value by multiplying the spot value of silver by 0.15. You can find the spot value of silver at So, for instance, if you have a roll of 40 quarters that is 40 x 0.15 = 6 troy ounces of silver. If kitco says one troy ounce sells for $14, then your roll is worth at least 6 x 14 = $84. Not bad. The spot value of silver changes every day. Look it up.

Coins before 1947 start to pick up collector value in addition to silver value.

worn: silver value
average circulated: $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
well preserved: $7
fully uncirculated: $20
coins dated 1937, 1938, and 1939 are worth slightly more, about $10 in average circulated condition

There is also an interesting variation on the 1947 coin. A small dot next to the 7 in the date makes an otherwise unremarkable coin remarkable. The *dot* version catalogs at $30 in worn condition, while *no dot* is worth silver value. But be careful, the *dot* must be actually a dot, not a tiny maple leaf. Get out your magnifier. If you have a maple leaf coin, it is worth silver value, just like the *no dot* coin.

Be sure to review what 'catalog' means at our Important Terminology link. All values on this page are catalog value.

Coin: 1998 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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