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Germany States Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenburg-Hannover 4 Pfennig  1762 to 1804Germany States Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenburg-Hannover 4 Pfennig 1762 to 1804 Token: Great Britain 1 Shilling 6 Pence and 3 Shilling  1812 to 1816Token: Great Britain 1 Shilling 6 Pence and 3 Shilling 1812 to 1816
India (British) Pice  1943 to 1947India (British) Pice 1943 to 1947 Spain 5, 25, and 50 Pesetas  1957Spain 5, 25, and 50 Pesetas 1957
Token: US California Fractional Gold Fake (Counterfeit)  1852 to 1857Token: US California Fractional Gold Fake (Counterfeit) 1852 to 1857 China Taels (General Values) (Counterfeit)  1880 to 1940China Taels (General Values) (Counterfeit) 1880 to 1940
Great Britain Half Sovereign and Sovereign  1911 to 1932Great Britain Half Sovereign and Sovereign 1911 to 1932 Germany 1, 2, 5, and 10 Reichspfennig  1936 to 1940Germany 1, 2, 5, and 10 Reichspfennig 1936 to 1940



Medieval Spain (Aragon) Obolo and Dinero of James I  1213 to 1276

Aragon is a large region of Northeast Spain. If you squint, cross your eyes, and (more importantly) know what you are looking for, you can make out ARA on the right side of the king's portrait and GON on the left. Our many thanks to THCoins at World of Coins who identified this piece for us.

The king himself is James I (with several spellings including Jaime, Chaime, Jacme, and Jaume), who reigned in Aragon from 1213 to 1276AD.

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Great Britain Crown Winston Churchill  1965

These large crowns are made of copper-nickel and do not carry much value. In fully uncirculated condition they may retail for $5 US dollars or so. Nice coin, nevertheless.

An interested reader named Tim submits this for your consideration:

The 1965 Churchill coin came in 2 versions like the Charles and Diana coin. There were 9 million of the normal coin struck and they are pretty worthless. However, the VIP version has a rainbow type shine in the metal compared to the dull normal coin. There were only 1000 VIP coins struck, and the last time I heard they were said to be worth £1000 each.

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Austria Thalers of Charles (Carol) VI  1711 to 1740

King Charles VI ruled Austria from 1711 to 1740. His large silver coinage has several variations but a common theme:

- Portrait of the king with curly locks
- Double-headed imperial eagle
- Inscription CAROL or CAROLVS
- Inscription AVSTRIAE or AVST

If your silver coin has these characteristics and is dated between 1711 and 1740, then it is covered on this page.

The denominations are:

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France 1 and 5 Francs, Henri, Pretender Coinage  1831

These interesting coins were struck by Henri himself, not by France. Henri came close to being king, and he had credentials, but never quite made it. He was a pretender. Henri of Artois (1820 - 1883) was disputedly King of France from 2 to 9 August 1830 as Henry V, although he was never officially proclaimed as such. He was also pretender to throne from 1844 to 1883. He was the son of Charles Ferdinand, a son of Charles X of France.

Henri issued coins in 1 and 5 franc denominations. The 5 francs are quite a bit more valuable:

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Austria (Tyrol) Kreuzer Joseph I  1705 to 1711

These old 1 kreuzer from the time of Joseph I are basically impossible to find in any kind of collectible condition.

The coin in our main picture, upper left, is in adequate condition. At least it is readable. It is a $50 coin.
Requester mtpc supplied the picture at right of his coin. It is a $10 item.

Coin: 20655
Requested by: mtpc, Sat, 06-Feb-2016 15:47:59 GMT

Germany Brunswick ... Hannover Thaler  1715 to 1727

This old thaler comes from the German State of Brunswick Luneberg Calenberg Hannover when George I, King of England, ruled there (1698 to 1727). These are large, valuable coins (about 40 mm diameter):

worn: $200 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $500
well preserved: $1500

The coin in our picture comes from Kunker in Osnabruck, Germany, where it sold for 1800 British pounds (about $2600 US dollars) during a 2015 auction.

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