Mexico 20 Centavos  1974 to 1983
Mexico 20 Centavos 1974 to 1983

These modern coins are worth face value. They feature a bust of Mexican statesman Francisco Indalecio Madero on the obverse along with the year and denomination, 20 centavos, and the Mexican coat of arms on the reverse. They were minted in copper-nickel.

A collector might pay $1 US dollar for a fully uncirculated specimen.

In 1979, some coins were erroneously minted using a doubled die. Some 1979 coins will display doubling in various places, most often visible in the letters and numbers on the coin.
These 1979 double-die 20 centavos coins sell for around $1 when average circulated, and the value stays low, at only $4 for fully uncirculated specimens.

Coin: 1716 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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