Token: US Denver Mint Souvenir
Token: US Denver Mint Souvenir

Sir or Madam -- You have a modern token or medallion from the Denver Mint. It is worth a few US dollars. From the Coin Doctor we learn:

'The date 1789 is the year of the start of the United States Treasury. The token you have was made to accompany mint sets from the 1980's to 1999. There are two types, one says the Philadelphia Mint and the other says The Denver Mint. The new dollar coins replaced the Treasury tokens in the 2000 mint sets.'

and Brad at adds this interesting note:

'this is a brass medal than can be bought as a souvenir when visiting the Denver, or another U.S., mint. They used to have a press in the lobby where you could push a button and mint your own piece. It probably dates no later tham the 1970's.'

Coin: 1617 , Genre: United States
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Requester description: 1789 United Stated Mint-Picture of a builing. Other Side= The Department of The Treasury 1789 picture of Lady Justice and a key
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