Token: US Cracker Jack Prize
Token: US Cracker Jack Prize

Remember back to the time when you could get *something good* in a box of Cracker Jacks? Have you seen what they are calling prizes these days? Ha!

For an idea of value, Rich Hartzog of reports:

Cracker Jack tokens exist for all the early Presidents, and have been regulated to the junk box for decades. With new interest from Cracker Jack collectors and those attempting to put together sets, they now bring $2-$5 each, and up in nice condition. They come in at least two varieties. Articles have been written on them in TAMS, the Token and Medal Society Journal.

In short, an average circulated token is valued at around $2 while a well preserved token is valued at $5 and up.

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I have 13 presidential tokens of different presidents, they are in fair condition, i obtained it from inheritance from my late Aunt. I was wondering what it is worth since it was from 1930's? Leave me a message at if you have an answer. I would appreciate also if you could tell me who might be interested in it. - Milton Deal
Hi Milton -- There are hundreds of different presidential medals. Our general page on them is at this link [PRESS HERE]. Also, press the SEARCH button then type 'president' into the search box. You will see many examples. If you do not see yours, us the 'Free Appraisal' request. eBay is a good place to sell such medals. You can also take out a free ad using our 'Buy and Sell' page. - CoinQuest (Paul)




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