Germany 50 Pfennig  1949 to 2001
Germany 50 Pfennig 1949 to 2001

That's a modern issue from the Federal Republic of Germany. All the dates in this long series of coins are worth basically face value. Coins that are in superb shape, fully uncirculated with zero problems like scratches, mars, stains, cleanings and the like, may sell for a few 10s of US dollars to collectors eager to add nice specimens to their collections.

The catalogs show that there is a 'cut-off date' of 1967. Any coin minted after this year catalogs for only $3 in fully uncirculated condition. There is a second cut-off date at 1971 - any coin minted after this date catalogs for only one US dollar, even when fully uncirculated.

Notable exceptions are the 1995F and G coins, which with a mintage of only twenty thousand are scarce. They catalog for around $100 when fully uncirculated.

Also, the 1967G and 1968J dates have a somewhat low mintage, and they go for around one US dollar when average circulated.

Now there is one coin in this series which achieves special mention. It is the 1950G BANK DEUTSCHER LÄNDER coin which was a rogue minting of unknown quantity. If you have a 1950G with Bank Deutscher Lander, not with Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the catalogs say $300 US dollars in average circulated condition and rises toward $800 if fully uncirculated.

CoinQuest thanks Münzenhandlung Strüken in Bochum, Germany for use of their image of the valuable 1950G.

Note that other 50 pfennigs with Bank Deutscher Länder that do not carry a 1950G date and mint mark are worth very little. It is only the 1950G that is the *good* one. Hope you have it!

Other 50 pfennig coins from 1949 and 1950 with Bank Deutscher Länder catalog around $3 when well preserved, and the value rises to $30 for nice, uncirculated specimens.

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Requester description: 1930 Has the 50 on back with DEUTSCHIAND BUNDERSREPUBLIK and another word starting with a PFFNIG? A girl on the front bend over picking somekind of plant.
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I have the coin but i did not know how much it was worth
- Melanie
The catalog values goes like this for 50 pfennig 1975J: well preserved: $0.45 fully uncirculated: $1 - CoinQuest (Andrei)

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