Canada 5 Cents  1922 to 1936
Canada 5 Cents 1922 to 1936

Hello Sadie,

Your Canadian 5 cent piece is worth less than $1 US dollar in worn condition. In average circulated, you might get up to $3. Only when the coin approaches fully uncirculated condition does the catalog value reach toward $100. And that is catalog value. Actual value is less. See the Important Terminology page for an explanation.

All dates of this coin are about equal in value, except two; 1925 and 1926.
If you have a coin dated 1925, it catalogs at $50 even when worn, and values go beyond $1500 when the coin is fully uncirculated.

Coins dated 1926 are a bit more complicated. The number 6 in the date can be either a 'Far 6' or a 'Near 6'. The far/near attribute describes how close the top of the six comes to the maple leaf. To see the difference, we refer to bobby131313's post in this CoinCommunity thread.

Coins dated 1926 with a near 6 are somewhat common, cataloging at $2 in worn condition and $15 in average circulated, but $450 in fully uncirculated condition.

Coins dated 1926 with a far 6, however, are very scarce.
They catalog at over $100 even when worn, rising to $300 in average circulated and beyond $2000 in fully uncirculated condition!

1933 is also a somewhat decent date, with catalog values of $6 in average circulated and $200 in fully uncirculated condition.

One of our favorite dealers in Canadian coins is Calgary Coin. Their nickel page tells the story on 1925-dated coins.

Coin: 1496 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1935 Canadian 5 cent coin Inscription on back: GEORGIVS V DEI GRA REX ET IND:IMP:
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I have many Canadian coins how do I grade with out making a mistake and sell whole lot at fair price - Amber Carr
Grading is part of the fun, and the agony, of coin collecting. Accurate grading can only be accomplished by years of experience collecting coins. There are grading guides (books and web sites), although I am not familiar with those for Canadian coins. CoinQuest is a very simple forum, and we cannot possibly do justice to coin grading. For this reason we use only broad adjectives to describe coin value: worn (Good to Fine), average circulated (Very Fine), well preserved (Extra Fine), and fully uncirculated (Mint State). The words in parenthesis come from numismatic grading standards. The best way to sell coins is to let the buyer do the grading. Agreeing on grade is the same as agreeing on price. Hence, auctions such as eBay make it possible to sell coins at fair market levels. - CoinQuest (Paul)

I have a 1933 Canadian 5 cent piece that looks very nice to me but how do i know if worth more than 6$?
You have to become a coin collector and learn grading by experience. It usually takes a year or two. Otherwise, find someone who is an experienced coin collector and ask him or her. You can also take your coin to a coin dealer (look online for one near you) and ask for an appraisal. Also, there might be coin club in your area. You can use the pictures on our Important Terminology page (button at upper left) to get an idea of 'average circulated' and 'fully uncirculated.' - CoinQuest (Paul)

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