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German States Prussia 2 Thaler 1841 to 1851

 Date: 1846 
 Mint mark:
 Size: medium 
 Description from requester: Has the head of Friedr. Wilhelm Iv - Koenig V. Preussen, On the back of the coin is a crest with 2 Thaler VII Eine F. Mark 3 1/2 Gulden at the bottom of the coin is Vereins 1846 Munze. Around the rim the word Gott then a German cross with greenery on either side and the word Mitt ( the rest is too worn to read 
 [Request 1466 received from minnow1954, Sunday, 04-Oct-2009, answered by Chris] 
 [Reviewed by CoinQuest. Appraisal ok., Wednesday, 15-May-2013] 

German States Prussia 2 Thaler 1841 to 1851 | 2 prussia thaler man drapery lion crown shield king iv vii koenig wilhelm rest gulden gott munze head mitt mark Great coin, Minnow. These have a dual denomination in the catalogs of 2 thalers or 3½ gulden. They catalog for about $20 when holed or damaged. The coin in the picture is a little better than average circulated, and a little worse than well preserved.

Approximate values go like this:

COINS DATED 1841 AND 1842:
worn: $50 approximate catalog value
average circulated: $120
well preserved: $160
fully uncirculated: $230

worn: $30
average circulated: $60
well preserved: $140
fully uncirculated: $280

There are two very rare dates, one better than the other:
1847: $600 average circulated, $4000 well preserved
1848: $1500 average circulated, $7000 well preserved

But these are catalog values, which are high. See our Important Terminology page for a description of what 'catalog value' means.

Tags: 2 prussia thaler man drapery lion crown shield king iv vii koenig wilhelm rest gulden gott munze head mitt mark vereins cross 1 v eine 3 preuss prussian preussen germany prvssie vereinsthaler state thalers joachimstaler taler coat curtain crpwn mans tiera shiled crowns male shileld crowned shied halfcrown crwon tiarra chevrons tiara sheild boy shields shelid curtains tiger kings ashield escucheon lions shild wreath headed koin willhelm heads maltese guilden markt koningryk oneheaded koenigreigh wihelm coing deuchmark crosses marke koning koenigreich marck kongung konge koningrik koeing crossed koningrujk cruciform maltise konig crossing criss marks konigr goulden koninkrijk koningin wilh deutschemark kongeriget konung koeni koningrijk friedrich kongerike markvs deutiches dutches deutschem stado deustch deuches tates deutsche duetsches deutsches germandy deutscherlander deutches stato bundesrepublik german staate deutsch statehood stets deutchlands gremany deutschen deutschiand greman deutscher germeny stated deutschland states crests arms crest insignia creast coats garland reif friedr wreathed wreth friedrick fredrich rief reef freidrich wreah greenery wreaths wreathe wreat


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